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About Portico's Investment Philosophy

Mission Statement – We are in the business of creating value-based business models in real estate where Portico respositions assets that are in distress, languishing or has untapped potential.  
Recognition – Portico REI is a recoginized business entity in both New York and Texas to invest in real property either as direct investment or passive investment strategies. It has become a nationally reconized advisor and consultant in creating real estate development strategies.

Strong Returns - Portico REI believes the best real estate investments are achieved with long hold-term periods. Portico's track record has proven to realize both long term dividends and appreciation above NAREIT and Case-Schiller indices. Portico's philosophy is simple: an investment's risk is reduced by understanding local and regional markets while simultaneously making investments that are patient and strong.
Reputation – In this fast-paced, social media driven world, businesses today are cultivating shorter and shorter return cycles. Given its business history, Portico's involvement in real estate now stems back over 60 years and we tend to take a long-term view when investing in real estate. Portico enjoys a sterling reputation in all of the markets where it operates and amongst its business clients, affiliates, partners, vendors, creditors, banking partners, legal clientele and private equity stakeholders.

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